Cross Country Racing

Cross Country Racing

Cross Country Series – 2017

Season Schedule

The Series will consist of 8 races spread out over 2 venues – Shuniah Mines and Trowbridge Falls/Centennial Park.  Our first festival race – Blacksheep Spring Classic – is included in the series.  The nineth and final race of the year – the Shuniah FORTY Miner cross country marathon – is not included in the points total for the series and categories will be different for this final event.

Competition for the series is divided into 4 classes:

  • Lambateur is the beginner’s class and will consist of young beginner riders experiencing mountain biking for the first time. It will be assumed that these riders possess little to no technical riding skills and therefore course selection will consist of VERY easy terrain and short distances at all venues.
  • Sport is the first true rider’s class and will assume that riders have at least a moderate experience level. Trails will be designed to challenge, but promote growth as a rider. Technical level will be easy to moderate, and distance will be short to moderate in length.
  • Advanced level will be the first full length course. Advanced rider’s are expected to be completely competent and experienced in all skills pertaining to mountain biking or be willing to accept all challenges and have the common sense to judge their own trail skills accordingly. They should feel comfortable riding all difficulty levels of terrain and/or possess the needed skills to judge obstacles for themselves. Race distances will be moderate to long in length.
  • Elite level will be the top class and consist of riders either competing at the O-Cup level or looking to challenge themselves against top riders. The terrain will be the similar to the Advanced level, but the distances will be longer.

Race organizers will vary the differences between the race course categories this year.  At some events, it may be extra laps for more difficult categories.  At other events the difference may be the addition of more technical sections of trail.

Sport and Advanced classes will all have the following age sub-categories: 0-15yrs, 16-20yrs, 21-35yrs and +36yrs, for both male and female. Elite class will have the following age sub-categories: 16-20yrs, 21-35yrs and +36yrs. Lambateur will be split by male and female only.

Course Design

Course design will be based on a standard loop developed for Advanced and Elite riders and then scaled back to a lower difficulty level for the Sport riders. Lambateurs will race a completely unique course developed for their level.

Course Estimated Time and Length

  • Lambateur – 1.5 to 2.5km and approximately 15 minutes average time (fastest time approx. 10 minutes)
  • Sport – 5 to 7km and approximately 30 minutes average time (fastest time approx. 25 minutes)
  • Advanced – 11 to 13km and approximately 50 minutes average time (fastest time approx. 42 minutes)
  • Elite – 17 to 20km and approximately 1 hour 5 minutes average time (fastest time approx. 57 minutes)

* Variation on time +/- 5 minutes depending on the venue.

Race Results and Points

In order to qualify for the season standings a rider must compete in at least 4 of the 8 races. The final results will consist of the rider’s top 5 finishes for the year. Points for individual races will be awarded based on a rider’s place within the overall category for that race (Lambateur, Sport, Advanced and Elite) and their gender.

  • Points will use the following scale: 1st=25, 2nd=22, 3rd=20, 4th=18, 5th=17, 6th=16, 7th=15, 8th=14, 9th=13, 10th=12, 11th=11, 12th=10, 13th=9, 14th=8, 15th=7, 16th=6, 17th=5, 18th=4, 19th=3, 20th=2.
  • Upgrade Points: Points earned in the lower category will be divided by 3 and each lower category race will count as one race. For example: a rider who earns 6 points in each of their 2 sport races, then upgrades to advanced will earn 2 points for each of these individual sport races.

Once a rider has completed two races in one category, they will not be allowed to switch again.

2017 Results