Without trails, we’d have nothing. Well, we’d all be roadies – but nobody wants that, not even the roadies. So let’s all say “YAHOO” for trails.

Trowbridge Forest & Kinsmen Park Trail Head – Trowbridge Forest consists of approximately 18km of mostly double-track multi-use trails with small sections of single-track trails spread throughout. The area follows the bank of the Current River along a series of rapids. The forest is dominated by the single large mesa and many of the trails in the area either climb or descend the slopes. Kinsmen park (known to many as Trowbridge Falls) is usually the setting for our festivals and our  double-track focused races. All of the trails are accessible from the parking lot at the entrance to Trowbridge Falls Campground on Copenhagen Rd. Make sure to check out the views of the iconic Trowbridge Falls from the foot bridge into the trails.

Shuniah Mines – The bulk of purpose build mountain bike single-track trails are found in the area know as Shuniah Mines.  Approximately 13km of trail winds it’s way through the old silver mining grounds taking full advantage of the unique topography of tailing piles, rock features and  a series of small ridge lines. Be on the lookout for such iconic trails as Grand Chasm (make sure to watch for all the optional features!), Dagobah, Doctors and the new downhill progressive flow line; Hill Top Trail. The area is best known for natural, hand carved tread with plenty of rocks and roots. For those looking to take full advantage of the rugged boreal forest landscape make sure to check out Snakes & Ladders or The Otherside.

In recent years many of the trails in the area have seen an upgrade to newer trail standards, improving both the flow and speed of the trails. Die hard locals need not worry, the soul of what makes Shuniah Mines mountain biking unique still remains.

Shuniah Mines can be accessed from the parking lot at Kinsman Park via ‘Hydro Hill’ to the south or the Adventure Trail to the north.

Trail Development

A huge focus of our club is trail advancement and improvement. Our Trail Development Committee has spearheaded huge improvements to the trail system and is always planning the next big dig.

2017 Trail Development Commitee:

  • Mark Maranzan – Chair
  • Jeremy Goth
  • Mike Barten
  • Andrew Hindle
  • Gerald Hamm
  • Catherine O’Neil
  • Dan Fiorito
  • Kevin Marier
  • Werner Schwar – City Park’s Department Representative

There were a lot of changes to the trail systems in 2016, most noticeably:

  • Construction of the new progressive downhill flow line Hill Top Trail
  • Rerouting of the tread out of the low wet area and installation of a new boardwalk on Crossover
  • Extension of the entrance to Doctors
  • Signage installed at all major intersections of Shuniah Mines
  • Tread rehabilitation work on Dagobah, Doctors, Cassandra, Road to Hell, and The Stranger
  • Bill’s Bridge reconstruction
  • Creation of trail maps

We have an ambitious to-do list for our trails this year (stay tuned!), and every additional hand in the dirt makes a difference. Volunteering with our trail building days is one of the best ways to help out the club and contribute to riding in the area! And besides, when you shred that wicked trail, you’ll get the change to share the story of how you helped build it with your riding buddies; over, and over again.If you’d like more information on getting involved shoot us an email here. Better yet, shoot us a message on Facebook!

Trail Maps

You may be wondering what’s the best way to navigate the +30km of trails in the system?

For years, it had been our goal to get a comprehensive map of Shuniah Mines available to our riders. Thanks to the support of the City of Thunder Bay Parks Division we now have maps available! You can now purchase trail maps at Rollin’ Thunder, Fresh Air, Petrie’s Cycle & Sport, Sleeping Giant Brewing Company and KBM Resource Group. Maps are a minimum $3.00 donation, with all proceeds going towards trail development.

Along with the trail maps, we also have installed about a dozen signs set up throughout Shuniah Mines at all major intersections. We’ve got you covered!

Happy trails!