Membership 2018

Membership 2018


Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club is excited to announce that registration for 2018 mountain bike season is live! Pay attention, because we made a few changes…

What’s New?

We want to make sure we provide the most we can each season to our membership. To do that we had to make a few changes to ensure trails get built, events are hosted, and we can ride our bikes worry free! Such changes include:

  • Due to membership demand, and successful events in 2017, we are proud to announce the addition of the Mini-Lamb racing member category. Lil’ rippers will be able to race with the club only at the cost of OCA insurance!
  • To help fund our projects and events for our committee, membership fees will be raised by $5 this season.
  • Due to reasons beyond our control, OCA Insurance has increased by $2.

Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club Registration Fees 2018


Before March 31, 2018

After April 1, 2018

Blacksheep membership



Mini-Lamb racing membership



Youth racing membership



Adult racing membership or first adult member of a family



Second adult racing membership or adult member of a family



Blacksheep club supporter



OCA Insurance is an additional $42. To ride at any Blacksheep event, OCA insurance is mandatory: whether you race or not.

If a Blacksheep member wishes to try a race, the cost of an individual race is $10.

You say: “Things are not the same!” We say: “They sure aren’t!”

We want you to make sure you choose the right option for you, so we have renamed the old “Pay-As-You-Go” category to “Blacksheep membership”.

What you select is exactly what you get: if you want to race, select one of the racing memberships. If racing isn’t your cup of tea, select “Blacksheep membership”. If you don’t ride, but still want to support the club, select “Blacksheep supporter”. Easy, right?!

Pre-Race Registration Info

Whether you like to race because you want to achieve a personal best, to enjoy the company of other like-minded riders, or to beat Keith Ailey, you’ll want in on some of this info.

While registering with one of our racing memberships, you will be guided to choose on of the following categories.


Season Average Duration (min.) Average Age Group


5 & Under



6 to 11



11 to Adult



14 to Adult

Elite 70

16 to Adult

You can expect a wide variety of riders in each category, and be sure that everyone has a good time! Do not fret about your selection – it’s not set in stone and you can change it if neccessary within the season.

To register click here!

We welcome all old and new faces to become Blacksheep!