Fun Events & Social Rides

Fun Events & Social Rides

Fun Events

Blacksheep mountain biking may have been founded on a desire to provide high caliber racing at a local level, but racing isn’t the only thing offered. The club is happy to provide a whole variety of events that caters to riders of all types, skills and interests; starting with a jam packed series of fun events! We’ll have bigger descriptions of the events as we get closer to the dates, but here’s just a taste of what we have in store.


9th Annual Paradis Classic – What a way to kick off the season! Yes folks, the math adds up and for the 9th consecutive year long time club members Kevin and Jiska have graciously opened up their property for this fun event. Come out and get to know your fellow sheep with a gravel ride in Stanley and a little BBQ afterwards. There is both a short and long course, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Skills Clinics – This year Blacksheep is excited to offer a number of skill clinics for those looking to brush up on their single-track shredding abilities. The following will be offered:

  • May – Youth skills development clinic: For those young lambs looking to get a taste for the trail.
  • June – MTB skills clinic: A little bit of everything for everyone. This one will set up riders to take on the challenging course of the annual Keith Ailey Classic.
  • August (TBD) – Skills development clinic: We can’t say too much yet, but a couple of pro riders with a local connection will be in town and offering both a kids and women’s development clinic

Bike Orienteering – Think you know Trowbridge Forest & Shuniah Mines? Prove it! We give you a map with points on it and not much more and you need to collect the check points scattered throughout the park. Oh did we mention that you only have 60 mins to get it done?

Race for the Cheese!! – That’s right the annual fan-favourite is back! We put the lambs in charge for this one and they pick the relay teams. Then it’s a mad dash to finish this short track course. Make sure to watch out for the transition zone as violators pay the price! And of course at the end everyone will take home something a little cheesy…


Social Rides

What’s better than hoping on a bike and seeing where the trail takes you? Well frankly nothing and it’s even better when you can do it in a group! Social riding is all about the love of the trail and spending time out on bikes together. They are great opportunities to get to know other cyclist in the community, share skills and simply have a great time! Remember with group rides the ground rules are simple; nobody get dropped, everyone has fun!

This season Blacksheep will be offering two types of social rides:

  • Social Sunday Rides –  Open to all, these rides will take place on the 2nd Sunday evening of each month.
  • Women’s Only Trail Rides – Lead by some of the best local trail ladies around, these rides will not only be a great opportunity for the ladies to get out, but will provide opportunities to advance trail riding skills and knowledge of the trail system.