Due to the lack of volunteers unable to commit to organizing the DH series, Blacksheep has temporarily suspended its responsibilities in organizing DH events.

Send us a message on Facebook or email us at if you’re interested in reviving our involvement in DH riding in Thunder Bay. 

Downhill Series

The race series will be broken up into 3 classes:

Lambateur is the lowest class and will consist of young beginner riders experiencing downhill mountain biking for the first time.  It will be assumed that these riders possess little to no technical riding skills and therefore the races will be run on a course that requires low skill levels.

Sport is the first true rider’s class and will assume that riders have at least a moderate experience level.  Trails will be designed to challenge, but promote growth as a rider.  Technical level will be easy to moderate.

Advanced/Elite level will be the first full length course.  Advanced/Elite riders are expected to be completely competent and experienced in all skills pertaining to downhill mountain biking or be willing to accept all challenges and have the common sense to judge their own trail skills accordingly.  They should feel comfortable riding all difficulty levels of terrain and/or possess the needed skills to judge obstacles for themselves

There are no age sub-categories for the downhill series, but riders will be split by male and female.


Course Design

Course design will be based on a single run from the top of the mountain to the bottom.  Advanced/Elite trails will utilize some of the most technical terrain found on the mountain. Sport riders will be racing on a much easier and different course from the Advanced/Elite riders.  Lambateurs will be racing down their own course near the base of the mountain.

The course specifics will vary based on the class you are racing. Advanced/Elite courses will feature technical and challenging terrain, rollable drops*, small to medium sized jumps*, steep sections and high speed sections. Sport courses will feature some technical terrain, small rollable drops*, small jumps*, and some moderate speed sections. Lambateur courses will feature some challenging terrain, bermed corners, small rollable jumps*, and low speed sections. All jumps and drops over 30cm in size will feature ride-a-rounds.  All jumps and drops are optional(although highly recommended).


Course Estimated Time and Length

Lambateur – average time is approximately 1 minute 30 seconds per run.

Sport – average time is approximately 3 minutes 10 seconds per run.

Advanced/Elite – average time is approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds per run.


Race Results and Points

In order to qualify for the season standings a rider must compete in at least 2 of 5 races. The final results will consist of the rider’s top 3 finishes for the year. Points for individual races will be awarded based on a rider’s place within the overall category for that race (Lambateur, Sport, and Advanced) and their gender.

Points will use the following scale:  1st=25, 2nd=22, 3rd=20, 4th=18, 5th=17, 6th=16, 7th=15, 8th=14, 9th=13, 10th=12, 11th=11, 12th=10, 13th=9, 14th=8, 15th=7, 16th=6, 17th=5, 18th=4, 19th=3, 29th=2.