About Us

About Us

The Blacksheep Leadership Team

The Blacksheep Leadership Team (Executive and Coordinators) is a group of volunteers dedicated to the practical and operational affairs of the Club. That includes everything from critical requirements like strategic planning, budgets, banking, insurance, risk management, and memberships, to much cooler responsibilities such as course setting, trail maintenance, and running events. The Blacksheep Leadership Team loves biking and racing, wants the sport of cycling to flourish in Thunder Bay, and knows the Club is a key to achieving this vision.

Below is the 2017 Executive as elected at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.  There are a number of positions still vacant for which we desperately need volunteers. If you’re interested in assisting, please send us a message on our Facebook Page.

2017 BlackSheep Risk Management Plan

2018 Blacksheep Executive:

  • President: Will Takacs
  • Vice-President: Treena Maylen
  • Secretary: Simon Haslam
  • Treasurer: Brent Maranzan
  • Trail Development Committee Chair: Mark Maranzan
  • Communications Director: Katherine Morency
  • Director at Large (Sponsorship): Mike Barten
  • Director at Large (Special Events): Eric Bailey
  • Director at Large (Promotions): Michael McKenzie
  • Director at Large: VACANT

The History of Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club

In the beginning…

In 1998, mountain biking was already an internationally recognized sport in its own right. It was an Olympic medal sport, had an international governing body (since 1990 in the USA!), and dozens of national governing bodies all over the world. There were even movies and magazines dedicated to the sport. But Thunder Bay, a place with such great mountain bike terrain, still had no real mountain bike series of which to speak. Sure, there were races every once in a while, but there was little care put into them and the attendance reflected it. Mountain biking, with all of its success, was still considered a “fringe” sport, the ugly cousin of road and touring.

The local high schools had a great mountain biking series, but it ended in early June. Some students would scratch their racing itch during the summer months by travelling south of the border to compete in NORBA and MNSCS races. They would return from these intensely fun, big, well run, well marked, and competitive races with tons of prizes only to get depressed by Thunder Bay’s meagre offerings.

So, in 1998, a group of high school aged riders started a ten race points series with local shop sponsorship, and called themselves “The Black Sheep” after the 1970s TV show about WWII fighter pilots (and because it sounded cool). It was an instant success. How could it not be?

Fast forward NINETEEN years . . .

Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club has changed a lot over the years. Although cross country races are still our most popular events, we run a successful series of fun events, regularly scheduled social rides and help build and maintain the trail network in Trowbridge Forest and Shuniah Mines. Riding is at an all time high in Thunder Bay and you can see ‘sheep prints’ all over the place.

One of the main focuses of the club today is trail development and improvement. With all the changes that have happened in the last several years, its no wonder why our trail design and construction techniques have done nothing but improve! Make sure to check out our Trail page and find out more about the work being done and how you can help out.

Do you have any questions for the Blacksheep? Email us, or send us a message on Facebook! We’re always interested in hearing what our members and other riders have to say! Also check out the FAQs section on the Membership page.

And always feel free to contact us at:

Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club
PMB # 164
1100 Memorial Ave
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 4A3

Email us: info@blacksheepmtb.com

Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club is a member of True Sport and follows their principles of fair play. For more information about True Sport visit www.truesportpur.ca