40 Miner Race Course

40 Miner Race Course

Long Course Description:

  1. Starting from Kinsmen Park, follow the trail over the bridge and turn right onto the Yellow trail.
  2. Continue riding straight on the Yellow trail as it turns into the Blue trail, taking both single track bypasses before continuing on the double track.
  3. Turn right at the intersection and immediately turn left again to climb the single track.
  4. Stay left at the fork in the trail and keep climbing.
  5. Ride the double track down the hill and emerge onto the hydro line. After crossing the hydro line, turn hard left onto Conveyor Belt.
  6. Ride Conveyor Belt and at the junction turn right back onto Upper 2k.
  7. Ride Upper 2k and then turn left and descend the 2k cut, staying right onto the Lower 2k.
  8. Ride the Lower 2k until emerging back into hydro field. Stay left and enter the Crossover.
  9. Continue straight on Crossover and emerge at a 4-way intersection, turning left onto the Dagobah.
  10. Ride Dagobah and continue until meeting up with the double track of the Prologue Loop.
  11. Turn left onto the Prologue Loop, staying right at the Shuniah Mines entrance.
  12. Continue riding the double track and left into BMX.
  13. Complete BMX and exit left back onto the double track.
  14. Turn right into the Grand Chasm. Enjoy the rock drop, berms, bridge, and jumps!
  15. Once emerging from the Grand Chasm, turn left onto the Peek-A-Boo and follow it until emerging at the double track.
  16. Turn left on the double track and climb, turning right and enter Doctors.
  17. Descend Doctors, staying left at the small clearing and then turn right at the hairpin turn.
  18. Turn left to enter The Stranger, riding over the roots and the wooden bridges.
  19. Follow The Stranger until the intersection with Cassandra. Take a quick right turn, then a left and climb Cassandra till you almost reach the hydro line.
  20. Cross the hydro line, and enter Hilltop.
  21. Descend Hilltop and emerging back on the double track.
  22. Stay left on the double track past the four-way intersection and ride over the wide wooden bridge, following the double track up and over the arch-bridge.
  23. Stay left after the bridge and follow the trail until meeting pavement. Sprint along the pavement, over the speedbumps, until reaching the Kinsmen Park parking lot. Either finish or turn right to begin your next lap.

1 lap = 12km
2 laps = 24km
4 laps = 48km


  1. Course Description to follow…