Skills Clinics Presented by Catalyst Coaching and SportLab

Skills Clinics Presented by Catalyst Coaching and SportLab

If you’ve ever wanted to check out mountain biking skills clinics and group rides, this is definitely an event you do not want to miss! Catalyst Coaching and SportLab will be hosting TWO days of events that include skills development and group ride fun. Catalyst’s athletes who will be sharing their knowledge and experience are: in town from British Columbia, Jena Greaser and Dylan Bailey, and Thunder Bay’s own, local superstars, Keith Ailey and Chris Mitchell.

All events will start in Kinsmen Park. As always, you must be a Blacksheep member to participate in the events. To register, follow the link.

Here is the breakdown of the schedule:

Tuesday August 15 from 6pm-8:30pm

Racing Skills Clinic

Participants will split into two groups and in two sessions, riders will work on various techniques. Jena and Chris will be instructing cornering technique on various terrain as well as instructing on start technique. Keith and Dylan will be instructing on climbing technique and obstacle clearance.

If there is time at the end, everyone will join together for a fun group ride!

Wednesday August 16 from 6pm-8:30pm

Women’s Only Skills Development and Group Ride

Led by Jena, women riders will focus on cornering, climbing, getting over obstacles, and other skills mountain bikers need on the trail.

Youth and Beginners’ Sills Development, Games, and Group Ride

At the same time, led by KeithDylan, and Chris, kids and beginner riders going over rider safety, working on basic mountain biking skills, as well as playing some games and putting it all together, and going out for a short loop in Centennial Park. Groups will be made to best suit the riders who come out to the event!

Reminder: There is a flat fee of $10 to attend one or both of the clinics. All proceeds will be donated to the club for the Blacksheep Squadron and athlete development. Cash will be accepted before the event, so make sure you arrive early.

We are so appreciative that Catalyst and their athletes helping us not only become better riders, but also having some fun with us! We cannot wait for this event!

In the meantime while we wait, happy riding!

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