Monday Update

Monday Update

Hey fellow Blacksheep!

We have a pretty exciting announcement:

New Trail Name

After much deliberation and a public vote, we finally have a new name for the new trail the Trail Development Committee has worked hard on all summer. The new name is Conveyor Belt! In the poll, we had “The” in the name as well, but we had to remove it so we can fit it on signs. Eventually signs, maps, and course descriptions will be made to include the new name. We want to thank everyone who came up with ideas for trail names!

Also, here are this week’s events:

Tuesday August 8 — XC#6 Pursuit: Shuniah TT Stage 1

Tomorrow is the first stage of a 2 stage event! Meeting at the Shuniah Mines Entrance, we will race a time trial that will determine the starting order for Wednesday’s XC#7 event. For more information, follow the link.

Wednesday August 9 — XC#7 Pursuit: Kinsmen Pursuit Stage 2

On Wednesday is the final stage of our 2 stage event where the starting order is determined by the results from Tuesday’s time trial. We meet at Kinsmen Park, and registration begins at 6pm. Note: Make sure you register early, so our volunteers have enough time before the race to organize the starting order. For more information, follow the here.

Sunday August 13  — Group Ride

Meeting at the Shuniah Mines, we will be hosting a casual,  group ride! It is a non-competative, fun event suited for riders of Sport ability and up! Check back soon for more information.

As always, if you are interested in volunteering, or even if you have any suggestions for the club, you can email us at or send us Facebook message. Everything that happens in the club is because of your ideas and opinions.

Happy riding!


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