XC#6 Pursuit: Shuniah TT Stage 1 — Tuesday August 8

XC#6 Pursuit: Shuniah TT Stage 1 — Tuesday August 8

Happy August-long weekend!

For the month of August, we have decided to pursue an idea; XC#6 & XC#7 will be a pursuit-style stage race. XC#6 will be raced as a regular Time Trial event. XC#7, the starting order will be determined by the faster rider of XC#6. Everyone else will follow by their time gap behind the XC#6 winner. Everyone outside of a 5 minute gap will start in a mass start. Lambateurs will race with 10 second time gaps behind the preceeding riders with the winner of XC#6 starting first.

Here is everything you need to know for XC#6!

XC#6 will happen on Tuesday August 8 in Shuniah Mines. Registration starts at 6pm, with the Lambateurs and Mini-Lambs leaving the starting line in a mass start at 7pm sharp! Registration will close at 6:45pm to allow our volunteers to set the starting order for registered riders.

Note: All registered Lambateurs must participate in a course preride before the race. The preride will begin at 6:40pm.

You must be a Blacksheep member to participate in this event.

Volunteers Needed:

Our membership is growing, and so is our need for volunteers! We need people to help out with the following tasks:

Parking Attendant: 1 person to direct traffic to ensure there is enough space for people to park.

Course Marshalls: 3-4 people spread out on course to help direct riders in the right direction.

If you are able to volunteer your time or have any questions about the jobs listed, either send us a message on Facebook or send us an email at info@blacksheepmtb.com.

Course Descriptions:

MiniLambs –

  • Exit Start/Finish area and turn left
  • Ride down Adventure Trail and turn right onto BMX
  • Ride one complete clockwise loop of BMX (opposite of other races)
  • At the end of BMX turn right, then left into Start/Finish area.

Course is approximately 500m.

Lambateur – 

  • Exit Start/Finish area and turn left onto Adventure Trail down the hill
  • Turn right onto Peekaboo
  • Turn left at the Peekaboo cut and quickly left again onto Adventure Trail
  • Climb back up the hill and ride straight to the top
  • Ride past the Start/Finish area
  • Turn right onto BMX
  • Ride one complete loop clockwise of BMX (opposite from other races)
  • At the end of BMX, turn right, and then left into Start/Finish area to finish.

Course is approximately 1.2km.

Stay tuned for Lambateur course map!

Sport/Advanced/Elite – 

  • Exit Start/Finish area and turn left on Prologue loop
  • Follow Prologue to the entrance to Dagobah
  • Turn right onto Dagobah and follow to the end
  • Turn right onto Crossover
  • Follow Crossover and turn left onto Cassandra
  • Climb Cassandra to the junction with Strange
  • Turn left onto Stranger
  • Follow Stranger to the Peekaboo cut and turn left, and then left onto Peekaboo
  • Follow the bottom of Peekaboo and turn right onto Grand Chasm
  • Climb up Grand Chasm
  • Turn Right at the top of Grand Chasm and Descend the hill across Bill’s Bridge onto Stranger
  • Descend Stranger
  • Turn Left onto the Bottom of Doctors
  • Follow lower Doctor’s, turn left at the Hairpin turn and climb up to the top of Doctor’s.
  • Turn right at the top of Doctor’s and head back to the Start/Finish area on the Double-track
  • Turn right into Start/Finish area to finish.

Each lap is 4.7km.

XC#6 Course Map — XC#6 Course Map

Due to the nature of the race format, there will be no podium after XC#6. Podiums will be based on the Pursuit (XC#6 and X#7 results). Points for the season series will be award based on the individual XC6 and XC7 results.

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