Orienteering Event — Wednesday July 26

Orienteering Event — Wednesday July 26

If you’ve been wanting to get to know the Centennial Park, Trowbridge, and Shuniah Mines trail systems better, come to this week’s orienteering event!

On Wednesday July 26 at 6:30pm, we will be meeting in the Kinsmen Park parking lot where we will gather, assemble and take off onto the trails! Try to arrive a couple of minutes early to make sure your gear is in order, and all your questions can be answered. The event will last to around 8pm.

Note time change: The official start time of the event is changed to 6:30pm and it will end around 8pm.

As always, you must be a Blacksheep member to participate. To become a member, follow the link here.

Here is the run-down for the event:

A set of 10-12 orienteering controls will be placed throughout the Shuniah Mines, Centennial Park, and Trowbridge trail systems. At the beginning of the event, you will receive a map showing where the controls are placed on the trails. The idea is to find as many of the controls asyou can within an hour. At each control, a unique punch is used to mark your map to prove you found the location. You can take any route you like; including any shortcuts through the bush that may (or may not) be quicker.

If you are not that familiar with the trails, it would be a good idea to partner up with a knowledgeable rider. This is a great opportunity to get to know other members in the club and find new people to ride with!

This is an uncompetative¬†event, however for those who do want to “race”, we will time departures/finishes to determine who finds all the controls the quickest.

While the event is in its third year with the Blacksheep, we have some new improvements and additions to the trails that makes this year’s event all the more exciting!

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