Sponsor Saturday — Q&A with Rollin’ Thunder

Sponsor Saturday — Q&A with Rollin’ Thunder

Get to Know Rollin’ Thunder — Sponser Q&A

We love our sponsors, and without them, Blacksheep wouldn’t be able to do what it does today.

This week, we got in touch with Rollin’ Thunder and spoke to the owners, Nik and Daniel Fiorito. Here is what they have to say about their family business:

Q: When did Rollin’ Thunder first open shop in Thunder Bay?

A: Brian and Allison Coutts established Rollin’ Thunder at 196 Algoma St. back in 2004. We quickly outgrew that location, and served Thunder Bay at the 71 Algoma St. spot for many summers. As you may or may not know, we also outgrew our home on Algoma, and have moved down the street to 485 Memorial Ave.

Q: Who are the people that own and operate the business? 

A: Nik Fiorito began his bike shop career at the original 196 Algoma location after gaining some experience in Calgary bike shops (and his parent’s garage, of course). After several years of working at Rollin’, he worked his last shift alongside his younger brother Daniel, who was just having his first. The torch was passed, and nearly ten years later it came full circle. In 2016, Nik and his wife, Dana, purchased the business from Brian, while Daniel opted to stick around and manage the storefront to make it a full family affair.

Daniel has been a part of the Rollin’ team since grade 11 of high school, has been riding bikes since he could walk, and has been fixing them for about that long as well. He recently welcomed his firstborn daughter, Penny, to the world and cannot wait to show her how much fun two wheels can be.

Q: What is Rollin’ Thunder’s main mission?

A: At Rollin’ our goal is to help you enjoy some of the great activities this area has to offer by providing quality product, service, and value. Every single one of our staff has a passion for the outdoors and the sports we supply. If you don’t see us working, you’re almost guaranteed to see us out on the trails, road, lake, or slopes. That passion is what helps us help you; we want to see you enjoy these activities as much as we do, so we do our best to make sure you are on the right equipment for your needs, whether it’s finding you the perfect bike, setting you up with your ideal tire combo, or even just making sure you have a reliable mini-pump. We spend countless hours researching which products will provide great performance, reliability and value because we want you to always be thrilled at the end of your ride.

Q: How are they making an impact in the cycling community in Thunder Bay?

A: Rollin’ is a long-time supporter of the Blacksheep MTB Club and Thunder Bay Cycling Club. We’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes, funds, time, and effort to help cyclists enjoy their summer in Thunder Bay. Recently, we’ve been throwing a lot of our weight behind mountain bike trail development in the city. Several staff are apart of the Blacksheep Trail Committee, and are continuously working to improve our trail networks, helping in both trail design and by sticking shovels in the ground.

Q: What are Rollin’ Thunder’s present and future goals? 

A: We want to see cycling grow in Thunder Bay. It might be a little selfish, but hey – if more people are riding bikes, the better our trails will get, the nicer our bike lanes will become, and the more cycling events we’ll be able to enjoy – and that’s something we’d like to be a part of.



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