XC#5 Single Track Time Trial — Wednesday July 19

XC#5 Single Track Time Trial — Wednesday July 19

We’ve got another great event lined up next week! We are going to shake things up a bit with XC#5 and have a time trial. Unlike a mass start, each rider will start individually with each following rider starting 30 seconds behind. Your goal: finish one loop of the course as quickly as possible.

We will meet at Shuniah Mines, with registration beginning at 6pm and the race starting at 7pm. Note: Registration will be closing at 6:45pm. 

Update: We will be requiring a mandatory pre-ride with Eric Bailey for all Lambateur and Mini-Lamb racers before every XC event at 6:40pm. XC#5 will start with the Lambateur/Mini-Lamb category first at 7pm.

You must be a Blacksheep member to participate in this event. To become a member, follow the link here.

If you need a hand locating the Shuniah Mines Entrance, our tips are here.

Volunteers Needed

Since our membership is growing, so is our need for help running these events. To ensure everything runs smoothly, we need people to help with the following;

Parking Attendant: 1 person to direct traffic to ensure there is enough space for people to park.

Timing/Registration Recorders: 2 people to help register riders and record riders as they cross the finish line.

Course Marshalls: 2-3 people spread out on course to help direct riders in the right direction.

Course Marking/Takedown: 2 riders to help with flagging the course and taking down flagging tape at the end of the race.

For every time someone volunteers with the club, their name is entered into a volunteer draw for a prize at the end of the season.

If you are able to volunteer, let us know! You can either; email us at admin@blacksheepmtb.com, message us on our Facebook page, or visit us at the registration table on Wednesday to let us know you can lend a hand.

Course Map:

Blacksheep XC#5 Course Map — XC#5 Course Map

Course Descriptions

Lambateur: To be announced! Lambateurs’ race will be a mass start.

Sport, Advanced, & Elite:

  • Turning right out of the Start/Finish area, follow the double track to Doctors.
  • Turn left and follow Doctors onto Stranger.
  • Continue along Stranger to the shortcut onto Peekaboo.
  • Turn right onto Peekaboo and climb to the end.
  • Turn left onto the double track and climb up towards Grand Chasm.
  • Turn left onto Grand Chasm and follow it to the end. Note: You can choose to ride the features of your choice, however you cannot race over the Chasm bridge.
  • Turn right at the end of Grand Chasm to Dagobah.
  • Follow Dagobah to the double track— follow the double track to the finish.

It’s going to be a fun night this Wednesday, and we have something extra special planned for the evening as well! Keep checking back to find out what we have lined up. Look forward to seeing everyone there, and until then, happy riding!

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