Directions to Shuniah Mines Entrance

Directions to Shuniah Mines Entrance

When driving to our Shuniah Mines events, do you find yourself looking everywhere but the road? Don’t worry, we used to too. Here is our Blacksheep guide to finding your way to the Shuniah Mines Entrance.

Approaching from anywhere south of Balsam St:

  • Drive north towards Hodder Ave, and exit to drive south on Highway 11/17.
  • You will continue to drive south for about 2-3 minutes before the dirt road turn off into the Shuniah Mines entrance.

Approaching from anywhere north of Hodder Ave:

  • Drive south along Highway 11/17.
  • Continue along the highway for about 2-3 minutes once you pass the Hodder Ave overpass. Pay attention for the dirt road turnoff into the Shuniah Mines entrance.

Please remember to not park alongside the highway.

The gate to the entrance will only be open for official Blacksheep events. While we are working hard on making the Shuniah Mines more accessible to riders, you can also access the area by starting your rides in Kinsmen Park, Centennial Park, or the Cascades.

Happy Riding!

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