Monday Update

Monday Update

Hey fellow Blacksheep!

At the Spring Classic Festival we announced we would be adding a Lambateur Clinic before the first Shuniah Mines race, XC#3. Unfortunately, we will be unable to have the clinic before the race due to conflicting dates and lack of volunteers.

We are sorry for any confussion or disappointment this causes. We looked at every possibility and decided that postponing the clinic to a later date is the best alternative for the club and it’s flock.

In other news, keep your eyes peeled for announcements next week’s events including: the Women’s Only Group Ride, the XC#3 Shuniah Mines single track race, and the Trail Development Day.

This week may be quiet for the Blacksheep, but don’t let that stop you from gathering up some friends and going out into the trails yourself!

Happy Riding!

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