Blacksheep Group Ride — Sunday, June 11

Blacksheep Group Ride — Sunday, June 11

We want to give a huge shoutout to everyone who participated in today’s Spring Classic Festival. Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, and flatted in today’s festivities!

With that, we announce our upcoming Blacksheep group ride of the season!


Join us Sunday, June 11, in Shuniah Mines at 6pm for an evening of fun, casual riding! Our groups rides are non-competitive, meaning, that it is a no-drop ride, with plenty of opportunities to take breaks. These rides are open to those who typically ride Sport, Advanced, and Elite during our race events. If you have been itching to participate in an event, but are hesitant in racing, these events are for you!


As always, you must be a Blacksheep member to participate. You can become a member by following the link here:



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