Spring Classic Festival News

Spring Classic Festival News

We have some exciting news for young and beginner riders!

At the Spring Classic Festival, we will offer two Lambateur courses to encourage our young and beginner riders that want to take part in a well organized event, but that are not quite ready to tackle the single track of Centennial and Shuniah.

We will split the Lambateur category into two separate events: IMG_1740

The first is for the little gaphers.  And we will call them “Mini-Lamb”. The course will be 500-800m and will be almost entirely in the field at Kinsmen Park.  No obstacles, no climbs, and lots of cuteness.  All riders must be accompanied by an older rider.  This course will be appropriate for balance bikes, so even those without pedals can take part in the fun!

This will allow us to offer a Lambateur category that is slightly longer and more involved than in previous years.  The course will still remain on the Trowbridge side of the river. 1.5-2km and will include a small uphill, a small downhill, a few more corners, and a bit of trail.

We will be offering high quality Lambateur courses at every Blacksheep race.

Remember that kids still need to be members to participate.

Please spread the word to families and young riders!!!

See you on Sunday!

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