Midsummer Classic!

Midsummer Classic!

Alright, here we go. Let’s get a breather, cue the dramatic orchestral build up….


Tuesday August 16th: Single track Time Trial – Shuniah Mines
The first thing we should note about this event is that it’s on a TUESDAY. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.
We’ll be racing a time trial through Shuniah Mines, with a course that should be familiar to everyone here. Sport will do the same course they did for the last time trial, and advanced and elite will do the same course WITH THE ADDITION OF THE OTHERSIDE TRAIL. We don’t get over to “Old Shuniah” very often, so make it count!
Meet at the Shuniah Mines Parking lot. Registration begins at 6 PM with the trials beginning at 7. XC6

Wednesday August 17th: Doubletrack Pursuit – Kinsmen Park
This is where it really gets interesting. The start times for the pursuit will be determined by the results in the time trial. It’s a really neat idea that’s been used by our friends at the Thunder Bay Cycling Club with phenomenal results. The pursuits are most rider’s favourite event of the year!

The race course is simple: Sport riders do one lap of the red course, and advanced/elite both complete two laps!
We’ll give the exact details about how it’s going to run on race day, so don’t miss out on Blacksheep’s first mountain biking pursuit!

THE WINNER OF THE MIDSUMMER CLASSIC, is he or she within each division with the fastest total time taken over both races. Think of it as the Yellow Jersey wearer in the Tour De France. Actually, scratch that… we don’t wear as much lycra.

See you on Tuesday and Wednesday!

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