XC #5 – Shuniah Time Trial – Wed July 20

XC #5 – Shuniah Time Trial – Wed July 20

XC #5  follows many of your favourate Shuniah trails in an individual start format. Registration opens at 6 and will close at 6:45 so that the timers can enter a start list in time for a 7:00 pm start. Race order will be Lambateur, Elite, Advanced, Sport. Individual order will be seeded to minimize passing, with a 30 second start gap between riders. All riders do the same course except Lambateur.


  • follow the prolog loop clockwise to BMX
  • turn left into BMX and ride the whole loop
  • turn right at the exit of BMX to the finish line

Elite, Advanced, Sport

  • follow the Doubletrack Adventure Trail to Doctors
  • turn right and follow Doctors to The Stranger
  • continue along Stranger to the marked short cut to Peekaboo
  • turn right at Peekaboo, and climb to the end, continuing up to the Grand Chasm
  • turn left into Grand Chasm and follow it to the end, choosing ride arounds of your choice. No racing over the Chasm bridge though.
  • Turn right at the end of Grand Chasm to Dagobah
  • Follow Dagobah to the Adventure Trail – Follow Adventure Trail to the finish line.

XC 5 Map

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