A Few Updates

A Few Updates


First off, we’d like to officially thank Liam Heney for stepping up to the plate. Because of him, you will once again have a DH series this year (insert thunderous applause)!

There are also several individuals that have stepped up and are offering to help out, and you will certainly be seeing them around when the trails dry up (shout out to Katherine Morency and Simon Haslam)!

If you recall, two weeks ago we asked you for what you wanted in terms of racing and events this year! A whole symphony of crickets was arranged to fill the resulting overwhelming silence we received. That being said, it’s not too late to give us your ideas if you want us to try something different! And no, we can’t afford to pave Shuniah mines yet.

How does turning every race into an extended Keith Ailey Classic sound to everyone?

See you on the trails!

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