An Early Update for 2016

An Early Update for 2016

Greetings flock!

Your executive have been meeting, and there are some changes for what riders should expect to see for the quickly approaching 2016 season.

First and foremost, registration is up for the 2016 season! Read more about that here.

Next, it takes manpower to run this club. A lot more man power than 6 people on your board of directors. We’re still missing a Secretary, Sponsorship Director,  Downhill Director, and a handful of co-ordinators. The cold and hard reality is that this coincides with diminished club functions. With only 6 positions filled, we really don’t have any other choices.

What does this mean for you? Downhill racing just can’t happen this year without someone to run it. We could also have less sponsors than in previous years, so prizes could potentially get spread a bit on the thin side (isn’t that why we all race anyway?). It also means that your favourite events, like Mud n’ Mayhem or the season-end festival might not have the same level of service you’ve become accustomed to. All it takes are a few hours a week from a few people to remedy this.

On a happier note, we want to see what our riders want! The executive is considering removing some of the serious competitive XC races and having a few more fun, socially competitive events like Race for the Cheese, Bike Orienteering, Australian/Ski Pursuits, and events involving both road bikes and your trusty MTB, amongst other ideas.

So, what do YOU think? What fixes would you make to the club, events, courses, trails, or whatever! Let us know!

See you on the trails!



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