Early Bird Rates Extended Until APRIL 30!

Early Bird Rates Extended Until APRIL 30!

Hi all.

There has been some confusion in registering youth using the ccnbikes.com website. The Ontario Cycling Association only offers Citizen Permits (CP) and UCI Licenses for youth as the cost of a CP for a youth member is only $1 more than the Affiliate Club Membership. So, as you are registering an under-18 member select the first option:

Provincial Racing Licenses – Provincial (Citizen) Race License
$40.00 CAD (or the appropriate UCI license if interested).

The Provincial Race License fee consist of the mandatory $39 insurance fee and a $1 youth membership fee. It’s not a bad deal, as this will allow our youth to participate in Ontario in a youth mountain bike or road category or the Ontario Cup Youth Series. In the past some Blacksheep youth have done this while on vacation in southern Ontario.

This was not well communicated by the OCA and as it has caused grief to some of you trying to register, we are extending the Blacksheep early bird rates to April 30.

See you at the Paradis Classic in just over 2 weeks

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